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Mythical Journey Through
the Wheel of Life

-Bronze casting: Dionysus Studio

-Photographer: Carla Crafford

A Mythical Journey Through the Wheel of Life   reflects on Life as the architect & carrier of secrets. The conversation is with the mysterious & ever-shifting osmotic quantum possibilities before its final collapse into a space-time manifestation. It follows the journey to the opening of consciousness, the choices that author our uniqueness, our fall from grace & waking up again, & the eventual completion of the particular Life-cycle.


Proteus Primeval I - III

Proteus is the old Roman god of shape-shifting. Because Proteus could assume whatever shape he pleased, he came to be regarded by some as a symbol for the original matter from which the world was created.

Primeval comes from the Latin word primus (first) & aevum (age) & relates to the earliest ages, from the earliest times in history.


[The origin of the word metamorphose derives from the Greek meta (change) & morphe (form) & describes a total transformation]


The Proteus Primeval I, II & III  Sculptures symbolize Original Spirit shape-shifting continuously, meta morphing all potential possibilities before it collapses into a selected form & manifests as a cognitive entity.

Proteus Primeval I

(bronze – height 62.5 cm; weight 21.4 kg; Original Unique)

Proteus Primeval II

(bronze – height 57.5 cm; weight 19.9 kg; Original Unique)

Proteus Primeval III

(bronze – height 43.5 cm; weight 11.2 kg; Original Unique)

Phanerosis of spirit of Metsavana I - II


Phanerosis is the Hebrew/Greek word for the projection of Spirit — previously inapparent because it had not yet manifested — breaking through & flashing into the natural realm, making itself observable through manifestation into substance.


Metsavana is a compound of metsa (forest) & vana (old, ancient). Metsavana represents the Estonian mythological deity, the Old Man of the Forest.


[The Tree of Life is a universal metaphor found in many different ancient cultures, from Africa, India, China, Europe & England. Its origin can be traced to an ancient Turkish symbol, dating to about 7000 BC, that commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.

-        The tree is also a symbol of eternal life & immortality through rebirth;

-        a beginning of new life, a fresh start. It can also symbolize

personal development, uniqueness, individual beauty,

the movement towards consciousness

from the root of the “other world”

to the enlightened or heavenly world]


The Phanerosis of spirit of Metsavana I & II   Sculptures symbolize the act or the process of attaining visible manifestation through the Tree-Source of Life.

Phanerosis of spirit of Metsavana I

(bronze – height 55 cm; weight 12.9 kg; Original Unique)

Phanerosis of spirit of Metsavana II

(bronze – height 59 cm; weight 18 kg; Original Unique)