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Follow the path of your soul

& you will eventually see what is in front of you.

Meeting JO

Recognising spontaneous healing during my second year of private practice resulted in 4 decades of extensive research on psycho-biological interaction. Close-to-the-heart individuals, special sparring partners with that rare gift of understanding, in conjunction with the wisdom of yesterday, were part of the sacred connections that created new awareness & enlarged clarity. These necessary ingredients for potentialities to be born into possibilities & manifested concepts, were complemented by my many travels & psychological involvements in different countries.

And now?

The continued focus on developing SHIP® caused a 22 year absence of sculpting in clay. My return to this medium in April 2021, to where I started sculpting at the age of 16, now merged with an understanding of the psychology of being. To me this journey through many forests, of “Coming Home”, of finding self & living life, that took 50 years to reach full circle, is the perfect sculpting arena, free from acquired beliefs, where every tomorrow becomes a gratitude.

Still, interaction remains the best stimulant – the conscious-unconscious sculpting configurations have culminated into a simultaneous invite to the onlooker to explore the creative spirit of relational exchange. During this subtle dance our personal perceptual experiences, reflected through possibilities of beingness, are what bring the pieces of art to life & give them their many faces.

Submerging into Flow nurtures our spirit

& allows us to grasp the reason

as we become us.

JO's Short CV:

Dr JO Steenkamp (DLitt et Phil) is a Clinical Psychologist in Pretoria, South Africa & author of the psychotherapeutic method SHIP® (Spontaneous Healing Intra-systemic Process) wherein he obtained his doctorate in 1991. He is also a founder member & CEO of the training facility The SHIP® Foundation (2001, For the past 39 years JO’s contribution to Psychology has reflected a tapping into the wisdom of internal regulation of psychobiological dis-eases. His area of expertise is in the spontaneous healing of trauma, psychobiological wellness & transformation.

JO has written 5 books (see amazon profile for available books) , authored & co-authored international published articles, & has been a speaker/facilitator at numerous national & international gatherings (academic institutions, public & business forums, conferences, radio & TV talk shows, & international dialogue).

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