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Please complete the form with your specific request:

- Indicating in the "Subject" line: individual psychotherapy sessions*/ sculptures.

- Details of your request can be expanded on in "Message".

*Note in respect of request for psychotherapy with me:

*The psychotherapy SHIP® that I developed facilitates your internal spontaneous healing ability to heal your trauma.

You are a good candidate for this psychotherapy with me when you are:

- 40 years & older & motivated to commit & work with me to resolve your issues (my other SHIP® colleagues work with the below 40 group - you may enquire their details here on my "Contact" page or proceed to obtain it from the official website of the The SHIP® Foundation;

-Struggling with chronic symptoms such as depression, anxiety, migraines, spastic colon, & other uncomfortable chronic symptoms (this can be the result of trauma during your developmental years, or due to more recent events);

-Not making use of any substance abuse (including cannabis, Psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca, MDMA, alcohol & pornography) - the absence of such use must be for at least the past 2 years;

-Free from a previous diagnoses of psychosis or borderline personality disorder;

-Free from chronic use of severe doses of psychiatric medication.

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Tel: +27 82 575 8881

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