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Deep within a primordial spirit yearns.

Our responsibility is to not compromise.

To birth its voice into life is also a discovery that answers the, “Why?”

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“Energy follows Intention.”

Time begins when Intention releases some of Itself (Oneness) into Some-thing.

And over time we moving things collapse into reality as Gaia’s* expression of potentiality configurations within itself as one organism. In the words of an Indian sage:

All is the same in a different form.

We are one & many. Life sees Itself through us. (*the primordial Earth goddess that personified the Earth’s spirit)

Over eons different connections are inter-generationally passed down as old memories that represent our universal spiritual-material life. Their initial sources long-forgotten, we “unconsciously” tap into & download these universal truths. And when we mix them epigenetically with now, our karma story becomes associatively linked with the akashic record of everything. James Hollis is quoted:

Our stories go deep, very deep, into the archetypal realm, into the genetic code, the tribal history, the family of origin, both known & repressed, as well as the mythologies we live out on a daily basis.

Therefore, our narratives from our collective human experiences, that transcends time, geography, culture & its language, automatically reflect what Anthony Stevens refers to as:

“… spontaneous recurrent archetypal symbolism”.


Carl Jung made an interesting observation:

 All mythical figures originally sprang from corresponding inner psychic experiences.

If myths could be a result, then what psychic experiences came before the mythical projection?

How far in our genetic history may we travel to witness spontaneous/unadulterated expressions of internal connectedness?


In the Sterkfontein Caves (SA) are Homo naledi art-lines dating to 250 000 – 300 000 years ago; 

Photo: © Stephen Alvarez, Alvarez Photography

a near replica by Homo sapiens in Blombos Cave (SA) 80 000 years ago,

Photo:  Stewart Finlayson

 & by Neanderthals (Spain) 60 000 years ago, have been discovered. 

The commonality in the shapes of these primordial expressions, or original patterns of energy, led paleontologist Lee Berger to respond:  

How is this not the rosetta stone (‘a clue to understanding’) to the mind, the language & the symbols, that are in all of the shared minds?

Over 4 decades of practicing as a psychotherapist, during deep internal connection while in the process of spontaneous healing, many clients have voiced seeing these very same symbol-figures. We can deduce that this artistic symbol-language is part of the configuration that we are born into. It is the past sleeping in the darkness of every human, waiting to be found.

So how did it happen?

In the distant yesterday, with the expansion of our consciousness, the “I” surfaced. This separation from Oneness, which is the separation from primordial connectedness, may have initiated myths. The bridging platform of the mythical journey reflects that life is better at that other place where all is One Network. It is a projection of our spiritual longing for a return to Completeness & the ending of our bondage of separateness. According to Anthony Stevens the God archetype stands for, 

“… the attainment of complete connectedness with complete insight into Life & Intention. It is an inspiration to many.”

The aspiration of the mythical projection is towards this godliness or fullness.

Myths are the consequence of an internal knowing

that fulfilment is to live completely,

& that we have a genetic entitlement to all of us.

Life is movement, a continuous synchronistic creative interacting within Itself. When trauma (unresolved psychobiological pain) arrests this Flow into a state of internal dysregulation, we will unconsciously project our fear of connecting with our internal trauma-ghosts onto external enemies, such as dragons & demons. These creatures supply us with something on the outside that we can fight or flee from. Mostly we know not that our projection onto the external world, when we claim victimhood, is just us looking at our unresolved past pain. In other words, we, through the experience of the event, react to our internal memory associations with that event & not so much to the event.

By mitigating the chance of failure (having to once again experience the old trauma pain) & maintaining an external enemy focus, we cannot learn the lesson. This is because we try & avoid the vulnerability of exposure by creating an illusion of permanence. Transformation & growth, though, are dependent on that we venture beyond where we normally would & surrender to the flow of Life by engaging with openness.

Struggles & suffering are teaching connections

as we venture into the internal abyss & face our fears, anger & hurt

on the journey through the healing fire.

From a psychological perspective the paradoxical knowledge conveyed within mythical stories, that we have to aspire to be this perfect person while the evil will confront & try to divert us, is in fact an archetypal healing template. The reason we can also refer to them as divine unconscious intervention guidelines of brilliance, is because our myths with their memory associations open windows of opportunity, avenues for a ritual-journey, to heal the messiness of our old acquired guilt & shame.

When we dive into the shadow, we discover the Light causing it

Healing of our internal past trauma-demons is an internal revelation & birthing of wisdom. When we dare to disturb the beast, we may give up the ghost. The unveiling of flow’s quality of knowing, at times seemingly unforgiving in Its obsession to expose, nudges Itself through the meandering vines & shrubs in the forest of our consciousness. In the myth we face, battle & slay the projected mythical scary trauma creature so that we may re-connect with our hidden softer vulnerable self, the reward of the beautiful princess. In fact, by hearing the inner voice of rebellion through Its dialogue of certain chronic dis-eases, that we are continuously living at the expense of flow of Spirit, the weight of our associations of pain/hurt with the external objects are released. Once connected our energy signature is affected. Being again at One with, sets us free to manifest our contribution within the greater web.

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