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3 Phases 3 Faces

Sculpture Series

The3 Phases 3 Faces 

sculpture series reflects the three main stages

of our transient voyage through Life.


-Bronze casting: Dionysus Studio

-Photographer: Carla Crafford

Humble Beginnings (Left)

(bronze - height 58 cm; weight 13.2 kg; Original Unique)

Life’s evolutionary path is a continuous movement of intricate & intertwined properties.

Humble Beginnings, with its ochre colour reminiscent of its spirit-earth archetypal origin, embodies such a flow of potentialities born into a configurated entity. Still in its unadulterated form with its clean slate of possibilities for interaction, it reflects being tuned into the natural flow of Life. Instinct & intuition is the spontaneous mode affecting decisions which are influenced by the mental images inherited from the earliest human ancestors & together they form this epigenetic symphony.

From Stone to Flight (Middle)

(bronze - height 48 cm; weight 10.9 kg; Original Unique)

From Stone to Flight  signifies that once born, we engage creatively by exploring, integrating & directing some of this new energy information through our body-spirit communication. The development of consciousness stimulates the process of architectural manipulation. Innovation is our collaborative engagement where Life rises in & through us. Our participation becomes a window where we see more of Life through the material. It is simultaneously a development of self as a return investment in the larger process of evolution.

In conjunction with the immense potential being utilized, such intense hyper-focus may reciprocally exclude us from other potentialities, leading to a split-off/separate ego. It usually results in an alienation from our natural connection to the deeper flow of Life.

Consciousness: Some nose, some don’t (Right)

(bronze - height 46 cm; weight 9.5 kg; Original Unique)

All life has an inherent tendency to be all of Itself so that it can know all of Itself. Over time, when knowledge turns to wisdom, our increase in awareness of our dimension of complementary opposites, that the around-empty space is the determinator of form, that spaces create faces, is a tapping & being tuned into our umvoti (African origin):

An enlargement of our understanding of the systemic nature of the Whole

& of our place in this world.

This usually happens in the second half of life. The return of the ochre colour in the sculpture signifies the deeper re-connection to our primordial heritage.

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