'Re-examine all that you have been told, dismiss that which insults your soul.' 

- Walt Whitman

Our life narrative consists of the accumulation of events that we refer to as memories. We are our memories and these are made up of good and wholesome experiences, and of course also with experiences associated with not‑such‑good feelings. It is the way of life. The not‑so‑good experiences are often, depending on the severity of the effect of the events on us, classified as untold trauma stories. Stories are there to be told, and they will obsessively search for an appropriate medium if denied their natural narrative. Our bodies and our external relationships become the avenues through which we paint and animate our untold traumas. 

As a practising clinical psychologist, these trauma stories have, over the years, been a major influence on my work of developing the most appropriate space for Spontaneous Healing of trauma experiences. In my professional career I reinvested the accumulated information back in the field of psychology and the public domain. That is what this site is about: sharing the different stories so that we may heal and grow and reinvest in our sacred, vulnerable world.

J    -isms:

In this life we are born free and spontaneous. Yet some of us potentially face death as robotic copies in straight-jackets in our attempts to regulate the future.’

- Dr JO Steenkamp

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