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'Hoop dit gaan goed met jou. Wil net graag vir jou laat weet dat alles met my nog OK is. Kom agter hoe sterk mens se mind is & raak al minder & minder bang om te waag. Ek speel nou soos ‘n kind. Voel dis my beurt!! 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

Jy moet ‘n mooi dag hê & nogmaals dankie vir my lewe!!! 🌸'

'In 2015/2016 I had the serendipitous experience of visiting the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, where I attended a workshop on Trauma and Healing related inter alia to mass migration and the VUCA world. At this conference and workshop, JO Steenkamp was the keynote speaker. Steenkamp shared his SHIP insights with a group of specialists. Since then I have studied the work of Steenkamp and discovered therein a wealth of new insights. I also had the opportunity to experience the radical life-transforming impact of SHIP. For this reason, I do not reflect merely on the cognitive and social-scientific insights of SHIP, but also on the psychotherapeutic effects thereof in my capacity as participant observer.'

- Prof. Dr. Jacobus (Kobus) Kok

Leuven, Belgium




'Dear JO

When I started therapy with you almost two years ago, I never dreamt that the day would come when I could say to you that my constant state of mind is one of happiness and contentment despite the ups and downs of daily life.

One of the first things you asked me was to describe what I felt like inside. I had been feeling like that for such a long time – for most of my life, in fact – that I remember exactly what my answer was: ‘I feel like a tangled mess of rusted barbed wire decorated with pieces of raw liver from which drops of blood drip down steadily.’ You had read my bio and you said you would help me reclaim the sunny, happy, singing child I used to be almost 50 years ago, before my life derailed and eventually spiralled out of control. You inspired trust in me and I embarked on the journey.

I’ve been on antidepressants for more than 20 years and more recently my psychiatrist also prescribed mood stabilisers. I’ve been hospitalised for depression more than once. My meds kept me alive, but I wasn’t living. For years my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to get my meds and would end up committing suicide because of the unbearable emotional pain I was carrying.

After also living with constant physical pain as a result of a car accident when I was I in my 20s and eventually becoming virtually bed-ridden, I underwent a massive back op. You understood what I was going through: cabin fever, hopelessness, frustration, etc. And you helped me cope with it all.

Sometimes the emotional pain I felt during sessions was excruciating, but it all came out. When it was anger, I bashed your couch with my fists till the point of exhaustion, and then it was over and gone. Sometimes my entire body went into spasm. At other times I shook violently or cried or curled up in the foetal position. And then there was the brick in my throat that made it difficult for me even to breathe, let alone speak.

When I wanted to give up, just run away from it all, you assured me that I would get through it and that you would be with me every step of the way. And so I persevered.

You didn’t lie to me, ever, which is why I trust you one hundred per cent. You were always there for me. When I was going through a crisis, you found a spot for me in between my regular appointments so that I wouldn’t endure unnecessary suffering. I thank God for leading me to you and I wish with all my being that everyone who is suffering like I used to, would come to you for healing.

You gave me back my life, my identity, myself. I’m open and joyous again. I laugh out loud and often sing to myself just for the joy of it. My relationships with family members and close friends have changed beyond recognition. I’m no longer closed up and paranoid, scared to death of ‘failure’, of being hurt and abandoned yet again.

I have discovered how strong I actually am and I have regained trust in myself. Of course I’ll face difficult, painful times in future. That’s life. But when that happens and knocks me right off my feet, I’ll go straight back to you and I know you will help me. Not only that; I know I’ll survive and eventually become even more appreciative of life because pain can be exorcised and transcended to reveal an even stronger, more resilient, wiser and accepting self.

My therapy is continuing, but already I have changed beyond recognition. I am happy, confident and free and for that I thank you from the depth of my being.' - TW

'Jou psigoterapie is ongelooflik empowering & dit laat ‘n mens toe om jou eie lewe terug te vat.'

'Ek sê die uit die diepte van my hart: Dankie dankie vir my SHIP psigoterapie ❤


As ek die moes doen sonder my sessies by jou was ek in my moer in 😂'

'Hallo JO, ek wil net se dankie. Dankie dat jy die SHIP benadering ontwikkel het ten spyte van oordeel van ander. Na elke sessie nou kan ek 'n fundamentele verandering voel soos my wortels nou gesond word. 🙏🏼🌈'