An Integrated Theory & Psychotherapy for Trauma-spectrum Manifestations

            ‘SHIP®: A Revolutionary Method for a Revolutionary Time.’
                          – Prof. Dr Kobus Kok (Leuven, Belgium)

SHIP® was born in the age-old cradle of humankind. Africa’s challenging psychological landscapes stimulated the author’s 33 year journey as a practicing clinical psychologist. Steenkamp combines and integrates various systems of thought on trauma (PTSD & Complex PTSD) in his formulation of SHIP®. According to his intuitive-scientific approach spontaneous healing is a natural disposition from with-in where the authorship of healing belongs to all. The SHIP® model with its different constituents (such as individual specific field & psychobiodynamic language) guides us as reader through the why and how of chronic dis-ease manifestations in our bodies, and in our relationships, and the path to its dissolving into unlocked potential. A truly magnificent compilation and valuable user-friendly reference, this book is set to become a trusted companion on our quest for flow, freedom and sense of worth. As students of Life we should not travel without it.

          ‘We heal our world when we venture deep within


                        expose the beauty of the soul.’
                                        – JOS

An Integrated Theory & Psychotherapy for Trauma-spectrum Manifestations