We are discussing free will, Is (or ease) & Un-Is (or dis-ease)

The process of conditioning is age-old in evolution. It is part of that which developed the instinctual patterns that we see today in many species. So pre-programmed conditioning is the backdrop of our natural disposition. It creates the medium where-in we may proceed up the ladder of consciousness. Our tendency for, & what we have an avoidance of, already exists in our constitution at birth.

Something like the weather forecast creates the potential for planning. In a similar way current life conditioning is an awareness of states of repetition upon which we can build our next step. It is what acquired beliefs are based on, a surety that we will be OK. In this precarious world we mostly know that our home will still be there when we return from work. This allows us the opportunity to put more focus into work & worry less about home. It is a surety based on conditioning. We learn to trust that these patterns (with its comfortable or uncomfortable effect on us) will remain relatively stable.

The base-line of conditioning is to protect us from that which is not good & favour that which is good. Two types of conditioning have been defined, operant (positive or negative environmental responses to our behaviour) & classical (associative links pairing different external stimulants with one another so that the secondary stimulus will have the same internal effect on us than the original stimulus).

In addition to everyday occurrences in current life we are also conditioned through trauma. This part of conditioning means it changes our natural disposition into an acquired state in that our flow is now affected by additional associative fears. The thing that we fear is something that should normally not be an associated fearful entity. Where vigilance is a rational sense of being, fear projection verges on the irrational. In the case of fear we are projecting something into the future that does not exist & we then built our potential reactions around this state of that which supposedly endangers us.

Our conditioned fearful associations are our entries into spontaneous healing: Internal autonomic regulation to a state of flow is continuously impeded through external trauma-activating events. Eventually this state of dysregulation that is a part of our primitive survival response makes itself known through the rebellious unconscious language of metaphor clothed in chronic dis-ease. We distinguish 2 variations: inter-translators (projections) & intra-translators (biological manifestations). They translate information of parts of us that are not in flow. The function of trauma-induced chronic psychobiological dis-ease is therefor to gain attention. It is interesting that our system has this way of communicating that we have trauma impeding our internal spontaneity. It functions like the red alert on your motor vehicle’s dashboard dial. So would you take pliers & cut the electric cord that feeds the little red light? We are been given information from the internal world of our system & in our developed society there are many ways of subduing these translator messengers. Even though our system is in danger it still remains relatively easy to deny our red lights & to keep going at the expense of our internal flow. The fact that the world does not cater for the necessary conditions for autonomic regulation to return our internal state of dysregulation to flow is not the fault of internal autonomic regulation. We have created a society that expects of us to keep living at the expense of internal flow; there is no time for an internal molecular-cellular release & reset. It reminds of the JOS® Profiling Fixer/ Saviour that struggles to say , “No!” & who invariably will burn out. Every feeling is valid & forms part of autonomic regulation. If we simply deny & close the feeling we become partners in crime in disrupting our internal systemic network.

The question, “Why?” is our initiation into responsibility & its intent. Transformation is dependent on that we go beyond where we normally would. Our free will is dependent on a state of internal flow. To attain this we need to let go of our state of conditioning (our dis-ease & Un-Is) & our distractors that we have started employing in order not to hear the inner voice of rebellion that we are continuously living at the expense of flow. The eventual enlargement of our consciousness is dependent on listening to the inner voice & integrating the internal metaphoric message. This will restore internal flow characterised by ease & Is.

Free will is a state of un-conditioned, a beingness of living our gift of this life - a rare phenomenon in-deed.

- Dr JO Steenkamp

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