The manner of Consciousness?

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Is Consciousness the ability to be aware, to know, to understand, to be able to ‘see’ the larger picture?

Consciousness can be seen as the background wisdom that exists on the probabilities of all potentialities. Before any of its potential has gone into manifestation it remains as everything on-hold. So in our definition of reality it would be No-thing. Once a space is created where-in this potential manifests then the No-thing manifests some of its potential as some-thing.

The analogy of the Big Bang can be used as a point of reference for the dawning of space-time of our universe as we know it (the very little that we do know of it). Space-time is the playing field of the potentialities of Consciousness that can now interact with each other. Through this interaction it may manifest as different specks of configurations of Consciousness (such as a human or a tree).

Configurations imply movement which equals Life, whether it is the wind blowing through our hair or our heart pumping vital nutrients through our human body. It is the creating and recreating of interactions and configurations of potentialities during Consciousness’ exploration of Itself. A characteristic of this web of existence is the interconnectedness of all manifested potentialities. This line of thinking does not follow the evolution route of natural selection, but an evolution of continuous movement and adapting to new potentialities and interactions in the flow of life manifestation.

Of course we mostly value ourselves at the top of the food chain’s consciousness.

Actually the separation of us from the systemic interaction has ungrounded us from Consciousness. This loss of connectedness came about through our movement towards separateness or ego. And thus begun our struggle to understand the meaning of Life.

- Dr JO Steenkamp

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