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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

My question at this stage is whether objectivity is possible when the individual contemplates/speaks/

translates. Does the involvement of the individual not make those 'actions' subjective by definition?

There is a difference between engagement (relational) & enmeshment (attachment) when we consider clarity & projection (biased). We have seen that projection is when the feeling activated through the external world is disproportionate to the external event. It is our associations that activate us into disproportionate feelings. Associations are the links that hold the projected weight of attachment. “Excuse the mess,” someone once said, “but we are making memories.” Our associated memories, from which we midwife our attachments, hold the potential from Is (or ease) to Un-Is (or dis-ease).

Whereas connectedness is the opposite of addiction, attachment by definition is addiction. Dependency implies we are not able to stand on our own due to the lack of grounding caused by trauma. It is the fear of the next possibility. When we fear we attach to something & that is the weight that eventually pulls us down. Such weight constrains everything that flows through its avenue.

For instance when we are activated into the subject of gender identity it portrays our unconscious need for internal connection. In the projected external discussions we are looking at the wrong source to release this fear of rejection & not good enough. Our acquired belief, the associations attached to our interactions, becomes the childhood precursor.

We can ask whether associated memories can be Epigenetic inherited from our forefathers? Intergenerational transmission is part of generational evolution. An example is someone with a cat hair-phlegm allergy might through previous generations have had battles with the cat family that could have had serious consequences. The associated information can be transferred to the next generation in the same manner as instincts. In turn current life is well-known for its psychobiological effect of trauma that manifests as psychobiological allergies. A current bad life experience with cats can cause an allergy for cats, etc.

But how do we break these patterns? Energy follows intention & internal activation through our external projections can be seen as divine intervention. It is a window of opportunity that confronts us with internal healing of our past trauma-demons & the possibility of clarity. The catch is that our state of activation needs to be surrendered to, not engaged in battle, seeing that it is not an external activation. It is not just the understanding that it is a separate energy from us. The moment we act on our state of psychobiological activation we exit spontaneous healing. Acting out is temporary release with no integration. Therefor the acting out in itself will become an addiction to try & run away from the internal demons of trauma. Mostly we know not that our projection onto the external world, when we claim victimhood, is just us looking at us. Projections means we are stuck in our unresolved past, & we lose flexibility when we are not in the moment. So projection is a little more complex. When it feels like healing it most probably is not. Association of pain/hurt with the external object is the feeling state weight that needs to be released. We must get out of the way of spontaneous healing for it to do what it does. When patterns are broken it is because the person surrendered completely to the internal activation that held patterns of conditioning intact.

When the internal gates are open we move through an increase in awareness, a moment of enlightenment, when we attain an additional colour of the prism. It is a process of setting free of our god-potential. Freedom is being free of the conditioning of attachment associations. This increases our consciousness of larger Consciousness. Once we have released all of the above mentioned associations, only then are we free. Only then will the princess perceive the prince & not the frog or the beast.

- Dr JO Steenkamp

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