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Updated: Oct 5, 2018

I have a question on translation: consciousness when configuring becomes some-thing or awareness. The awareness is shaped by my configuration (as a human being, for example). Would you consider already this becoming configured as projection? Of course, the way my body and my mind function today is also a product of projections. Of course, the way my chromosomes configured is also a product of projection? My question is: do you call already the configuration process contaminated? I understand that the translation process is contaminated by projection. I can see how the configuration is also a projection, but I would say that there is still a degree of difference in my personal awareness and my projections. I would say that the enlightenment that Newton experienced through the apple is by degrees deeper awareness at different levels than what he was able to communicate. Consciousness makes itself known in various ways, and not all I am aware of translates to other people through my conscious and unconscious behaviour. Some of it translates through Epigenetic movement, through energy, etc. So I would think that there is something next to transformation through translation of projection. That something might not be large, but I would say it is there.

In order to answer it - we need to explain Epigenetics:

A simplistic definition of Epigenetics is that it encompasses the accumulated wisdom of all predecessors lodged in our DNA. This is mixed with the bulk of our personal life experiences that include biased inter-generational transmissions from parental & other role players during our early-life development. Epigenetics is therefore an evolutionary memory of all past experiences.

The process of configuration into for instance a human is the projection of Spiritual intention into embodiment. The act of manifestation is a continuous interplay with its surroundings. During experiences of psychobiological flow we transcend into the spiritual gap that has opened for the influx of Consciousness. Such a moment of complete insightful connectedness is a mindful experience. The more manifestation sees of itself in reaction to the rest, when more pieces of the puzzle are connected, the clearer the possibilities. And the more possibilities we see, the more conscious we become of Consciousness. Enlightenment is thus part of Spiritual intention, to enlarge consciousness in Its movement we call Life.

Spiritual intention’s stimulation of our human consciousness enables us to climb the ladder of time, backward through memory but also into future contemplation. We are not the only living things that can plan into the future & conceptualise solutions. What makes us extra-ordinary is that we can contemplate our existence & ask the question,


A basic consideration for awareness of Consciousness is the evolutionary refinement of being able to reflect on Life. The constant refinement out there is through Consciousness’s interaction with Itself. We can reflect upon Consciousness once it has introduced Itself into our awareness. It is the very question of “Why?” that either creates a sense of meaningfullness or that during other devastating emotions can take us to suicidal ideation.

To return to the original question:

Our human configuration is a clear product of Consciousness, and our evolutionary path has impregnated us with experience. When a moment of enlightenment happens Its intention is clear & devoid of projection. There are some who have been able to see with clarity & that could translate with clarity. So yes, the configuration in its original state is an intended state free of contamination. The fact that Newton most probably was not thinking of his mother-in-law when the apple fell on his head allowed him to experience that moment of enlightenment with clarity. We should be so grateful.

Dr JO Steenkamp

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