Disturbing the flow of Consciousness in a human condition due to conditioning:

During the introductory section of the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” a tribe of gorillas is attacked by an invading clan. The resident leader eventually picks up a large animal bone, uses it as a weapon & kills some of the invaders. This results in the remaining invaders running off. The leader in triumph flings the bone high into the air & as it twirls in the sky it transforms into a space ship. Thus the metaphor of consciousness.

In another scenario Archimedes sits in the bath & as the bath water displaces in relation to his body weight he gains insight into volume displacement. Newton experienced a moment of enlightenment when an apple fell on his head & humankind became enriched with gravitational knowledge.

And so it is that people’s bath water is displaced & apples fall on their heads & their once new found awareness enlarges our consciousness on life. Of course life can never be the same once we acquire this new found knowledge. All further encounters are affected by such steps of humankind.

Consciousness makes itself known in various ways at particular times when we need to take a next evolutionary step. It is not a thing that we can call onto at a given moment, it comes when it comes. Clothed in universality when it exposes itself means that different living entities at specific epochs will experience similar insights into that next step.

But here is the thing: it is what we put onto it that is the problem. New information is packaged by the enlightened person into a workable language of that time. It is done so that others may share in these discoveries. During its translation the original clarity of spirit is contaminated. The transformation through translation is coloured by the current culture & its politics, religion & general level of development. This colouring is what we call projection. Whereas the evolutionary insight is an enlargement of consciousness, projection is a colouring of clarity into “our truth”. And so it narrows the enlargement into a blinkered identity.

We can direct some of the energy of Life, but we cannot contain its evolutionary path. When we are traumatised we try harder to contain change, & it is our fear of change that finds an outlet through projection.

- Dr JO Steenkamp

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